August 15, 2022


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2022 Dash Cams Rules In Canada

At first thought, recording video of yourself doing anything is a good idea. Not only does it help you learn and fix your mistakes more easily, it also provides great evidence, should anything go wrong.

But as we’ve seen from numerous examples (I’m looking at you, Google Glass), recording is not always ethical, and in some jurisdictions, not even allowed. In this article, we’ll discuss Canadian dash cams laws and regulations, what is allowed, what is recommended, and what might land you in a bit of trouble.

Can I record myself driving?

All roads in Canada, regardless of the province, are considered public space. As such, recording is allowed, and drivers will have absolutely no problem having a dash cam, as long as they’re on a public road (as opposed to private property).

Can I record the inside of the cabin?

Recording the inside of the cabin is also allowed, but it’s not as straightforward as recording the road. If the driver (for the sake of argument, let’s say he’s also the vehicle’s owner) is alone in the car, then recording the inside should not pose an issue. However, if a passenger is in the vehicle (for example, a taxi, an Uber, or something similar), and the dash cam also records audio, recording might land the driver in a bit of trouble. That being said, in Canada, it is essential to ask for unambiguous consent from the passengers, before recording anything. Simply gluing a sticker anywhere inside or outside the vehicle will not suffice.

Where can I place the dash cam?

Canadian law states that there should be nothing obscuring the view, or limiting the driver’s ability to see the entirety of the road ahead. Therefore, placing your dash cam in a place that an officer of the law might deem inappropriate, could cause a bit of a problem for the driver. Ideally, the dash cam will be inconspicuous, and small enough to be placed behind the rearview mirror. That way, it will be able to record everything in front of it, without causing any trouble for the driver.

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Are there any places I’m not allowed to record?

There are some places, like border crossings, embassy entrances, and exits, government agencies, or private property, that are usually forbidden to record.

Where can I get the best dash cams for my vehicle?

Now you know that having a dash cam in Canada is not only allowed, but even welcomed. Drivers are inclined to be more careful when at the wheel, they’re able to better learn from their mistakes and are allowed for indisputable evidence in court and with insurance companies. That being said – where does one obtain an amazing dash cam in Canada?

The obvious first choice is Amazon, but that’s far from being the only option. Best dash cam manufacturers, such as Nexar, for example, have their own webshops, with quick delivery anywhere in Canada, and sometimes, these websites list unique discounts and special offers.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a dash cam!