2021 at the border.  watch this video.  This is how Granica group works [POLSKA PREMIERA]

This is the fifth month of the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The last day of 2021 is the 138th working day of the Granica Group.

During this time, we had contact with More than 7000 people in need to. Hungry, thirsty, cold, sick, hypothermic, pregnant, after miscarriage.

Only in December, when the temperatures were below zero, our teams went to the forest more than 100 times.

Several people were able to help: some managed to start the asylum procedure, others were hospitalized, and many were given food, drink or warm sleeping bags.

14 NGOsthat are included in Granica Group It’s just a skeleton for the crowd in question. We work with More than 200 people The local population of Podlasie, without whom all these activities would be impossible. We work with doctor on the border And with the team Polish Medical Assistance Center. 44 active translators Five languages ​​in constant contact with us by phone support us during … 11858 hours of on-call service!

support us More than 100 lawyers. We managed to get past 30 separators From the European Court of Human Rights, documents that should protect migrants from being returned to Belarus. We also have help from the collective Szpila when we are harassed by the Polish services: we get fines, we are subjected to violence and criminal proceedings begin. We ourselves get psychological help from Dozens of psychologists and psychologists.

Polish Red Cross benches from Bialystok and Lublin They provide us with all the things we need to give up in the woods. Polish and Polish women send them there. At least it was held throughout Poland 17 trial version (Some periodic), support our work and criticize the actions of the Polish government.

We often give thanks for our work: from the refugees themselves, their families, ordinary Poles or Polish women. We just do what needs to be done.

And now about the movie:

The film was commissioned by the Archbishop of Sweden, Antje Jacquelin, and the organization Neighbors World. Since 2014, Ante has been one of the symbols of the fight for the rights of refugees and migrants, the first Syrian in Sweden and now throughout Europe.

Antje Jacqueline is Professor of Evangelical Theology, Bishop of the Swedish Diocese of Lund, and was elected Archbishop of Uppsala in 2013. She is the first female Primate in history a church Sweden

The Swedes have already seen the film, and there is its Polish premiere at OKO.press.

Perhaps that’s the spoiler for the movie: but the family that has a 5-year-old girl, whom we reach in one of the scenes, is now safe and under the care of doctors. We were able to get them back with shoes and medicine for the little one. The Syrians from the end of the film, thanks to the temporary and media intervention, ended up in the middle.

Check out this report from Borders. See what our work looks like up close.

Anna Alboth – Journalist, human rights activist, coordinator of the International Minority Rights Group, co-founder of the Granica Group.

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