June 2, 2023


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2.5 billion pixels straight from Mars!  Here is a shocking panorama by perseverance

2.5 billion pixels straight from Mars! Here is a shocking panorama by perseverance

despite Mars is characterized by its desert landscapesThere is something captivating and unique about it. Being able to look at its surface from the perspective of Mars vehicles makes it Every Internet user can feel a little bit of Mars.

This experience may become even stronger after the last one is published A panorama consisting of a thousand separate photos taken by perseverance. Mars is shown down to the last detail. Such detailed images of its surface had never been obtained before.

This wonderful painting was created in Delta, located in Jezero Crater. Persevere looking for signs of life there. From a scientific point of view, it’s hard to get a better site than that The place where the water probably flowed about 3.5 billion years ago.

To create such a wonderful panorama, it was used The Mastcam-Z camera system, which took a total of 1,118 individual photos. They have become part of the giant panorama that you represent A view of Mars with a resolution of 2.5 billion pixels.

You can see it among other things Leave traces by moving perseverance. They make up a small part of the whole picture, while the most visible part turns out to be The cliff is about 10 meters long. This geological formation is located directly in front of the rover, and the rocks that make up it are billions of years old and continuously susceptible to wind erosiontake rough shapes.

These, of course, are not the only elements of the Martian surface that can be seen in the detailed panorama. After zooming in, the nuances become more noticeable. Among them are rock formations as well Sand surrounding the immediate vicinity of the Mars rover. It is believed to be one of the best sedimentary rocks in the delta, which is why it is suitable for it Searching for life.

Perseverance decomposes the content of these rocksby drilling holes in them. This is how scientists win Information on chemical composition and mineralscontained therein. The latest panorama can be seen in footage made available by NASA on YouTube or on the rover mission website.

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