17 companies run by Quebec stars

Did you know that some of the restaurants, bars and cafes you frequent in Quebec hide well-known local figures?

In fact, many stars, despite their busy schedules, dare to plunge into the sometimes dangerous world of catering by becoming owners or partners in Montreal establishments such as restaurants, but also bars and cafes.

Here are 17 restaurants, bars and cafés run by Quebec stars:

1-2. Ha And this Now look (Francisco Randez)

Francisco Randez is co-owner of Hà restaurant in Old Montreal and its hidden bar, Nhâu Bar.

3. Auberge Saint-Gabriel (Guy Laliberte)

The founder of Cirque du Soleil is one of the legendary company owners in Old Montreal.

4-5. Miss Villere And Provider (Nicolas Canuel)

Nicolas Canuel, as we have seen recently The sequel ran awayMiss Villare is the co-owner and co-founder of the popular gin bar Le Pourvoyeur.

6. on horseback (Patricia Paquin and Louis-Francois Margot)

In September 2020, the couple opened Chez Cheval Café. Located in Saint-Hilaire, the establishment aims to employ young people with autism.

7. Bravo Cafe (Pirate Heart)

After buying her former record company, now renamed Bravo Music, Beatrice Martin, alias Cœur de Pirate, opened a bright café on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. We can satisfy our caffeine needs there, but also purchase albums and products sourced from various Bravo artists.

8-9-10. MangiafogoThe Drink Ste-GuneconteThe Bar Philemon (Jeff Stingo of Simple Projects)

Jeff Stinko’s adventure in the restaurant world began with Mangiafoco, which he co-owns. Since then, he has also been involved in many companies, bars and restaurants. Some have closed, but others are still open, including Bar Philemon and Tringerie Ste-Gueneconte.

11. Cursed Happiness Cafe (Martin Larocque)

While some offered flowers, Martin Laroque and his wife opened a cafe together to celebrate 10 years of love. Maudit Bonheur is located in Montreal in the heart of the Rosemont district.

12. The coffee of the good life (Marc Hervieux)

From March 2022, the singer realized an old dream by opening Le café des bons vivants in Sainte-Adèle. Between his concerts and other commitments, he is there as often as possible!

13. Schwartz Tele (Celine Dion)

This place is internationally recognized due to its popularity Smoked meatBut thanks also to Celine Dion, who has been one of the co-owners since 2012.

14. A smoking dog (Louis Morissette)

One of the partners of this famous Plateau Mont-Royal restaurant was Louis Morissette.

15. The Clover (Remy-Pierre Paquin)

Remi-Pierre Paquin is a partner in the pub Le Trèfle, which has two branches in Montreal and one in Quebec.

16. Marinelli Grocery (Alexander Despatty)

Along with his friends and partners, the Olympic medalist owns Epiceri Marinelli, a charming cafe that sells many Italian products.

17. Ursa (Martha Wainwright)

In the spring of 2019, Martha Wainwright purchased a building in Mile-End, where chef Danny St-Pierce’s restaurant La Petite Maison was formerly located, to open Urza. The venue is a café and an intimate performance hall.

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