April 1, 2023


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13 Retirement 2023. This is the amount that ZUS will transfer to the accounts of retirees and disability retirees

13 pension is an additional annual cash benefit for pensioners. Not everyone will have the right to “thirteen”. Persons whose entitlement to benefits has been suspended on March 31 of a given year will not benefit from the 13th Old Age Pension.

The thirteenth pension is an additional retirement benefit paid in Poland to certain pensioners. This is a one-time annual payment intended to offset the higher costs incurred by senior citizens during the winter.

The 13th pension was introduced in Poland in 2019 and is available to retirees who have reached retirement age and receive retirement or disability benefits from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or KRUS (Agricultural Social Insurance Fund). In addition, pensioners must meet additional criteria, such as: have a permanent place of residence in Poland, not receive an old-age or disability pension from abroad and not exceed a certain amount of income.

ZUS will pay an additional annual cash benefit to persons who are entitled to:

  • Old age pension – including a retirement pension, a periodic funded pension and a partial pension,
  • disability pensions – including war pensions, military invalids and accident pensions,
  • training pension,
  • social pension,
  • survivor pension,
  • supplemental parental benefit,
  • Cash Aid for Blind Civilian War Victims,
  • teacher compensation benefit,
  • Benefits and pre-retirement allowance.

The benefit will be paid by the Social Insurance Institution in the form of the 13th old-age pension plus benefits paid for the month of April 2023.

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