June 5, 2023


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119th minute, Jacek Cube.  This goal decided to go up to the league.  What a football icon

119th minute, Jacek Cube. This goal decided to go up to the league. What a football icon

The minute was 110 match. After a throw-in, goalkeeper Konrad Furnes commits a foul Kelsey’s crownThe visitors fired a shot, but Kirillo Petrov pushed the ball off the goal line and saved his team from conceding his own goal. Nine minutes later, when everyone was thinking about who would take the penalty kicks fans In Kielce they were euphoric after working the capital reserve. Jakub Chukovsky, who appeared on the field before resuming the second period of extra time, ran the ball to the right side, passed the defender, and passed it for the fourth meter to Jacek CubeHe scored a goal. Promotion goal (second in the season) is his fan favorite, the 34-year-old who returned to crownsHe has only played this season since March, because before that he had treated a serious injury for several months (a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right leg). Immediately after the hit, he took off his shirt and received a yellow card. A moment later, a crowd of spectators ran onto the field and celebrated with the players their return to the league.

Kpop specializes in important goals. It was he who in April, in his third game of the season, scored overtime after a beautiful coup, defeating Korona Podbeskidze Bielsko-Biawa 2-1 at home.

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Marcin Szpakowski’s fatal mistakes

Let’s get back to the match. People have been waiting for such a meeting in the capital of سwitokrzyskie district for a long time. After Corona, Kelsey won the semi-final against Audra Opole 3:0 and the unexpected release of Arka Gdynia with Chrobry Głogów, Kielce’s final duel was known to be played in front of their fans. Tickets sold out immediately. In the end, there were more than 14,000 in the stands of the Suzuki Arena. viewers. This is twice the turnout for this season’s successful match Widzew ód. At that time, there were just over seven thousand. viewers. The last time such fans had such fans at a Kelsey match was in November 2017, when Corona Kelsey hosted Legia Warsaw.

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The atmosphere at the Sunday meeting was excellent. Fans dreamed that their favorite team would return to the First Division after a two-year hiatus. Soon the fans, as in the semi-final match against Audra Opole, had reasons to be happy. Then five minutes later, and Sunday evening after eighteen. Spaniard Roberto Coral Garcia crosses from the left Adam Fritzk From seven meters he scored a goal with a bullet to the head. Corona striker Kelsey scored only four times in the regular season (but lost a few games due to injury), but that goal was his second playoff goal.

38th minute – A feast in the stands, Farah, Mashael kicked off, because after two years of break, Kelsey is close to returning to the First Division. Then began the nightmare of 20-year-old Marcin Zbakovsky, a young Corona Kelsey, who made two fatal mistakes in one minute. At first he lost the ball on the penalty area line (although he indicated to the referee that a foul had been committed), the ball went to Mikowaj Lebedinsky, who misled Petrov and defeated Furnes for 11 metres.

The hosts resumed the match from the center of the field, and the ball went to Szpakowski, who was attacked by two opponents, and lost it again. The guests carried out a counterattack, which Michał Rzuchowski finished with an accurate shot from about 20 meters away.

Szpakowski's mistake in the Corona match - ChrobrySzpakowski’s mistake in the Corona match – Chrobry Pulsat Sport screen

Corona Kelsey dominated from the start of the second half. In a quarter of an hour, she had four very good chances but she lacked efficiency. In the 63rd minute, Michal Elkoff Gop and the referee played a very high performance in the penalty area. Paweł Raczkowski After analyzing the VAR, he ordered a penalty kick. Frączczak’s shot into the right corner of the goal, goalkeeper Leszczyński sensed his intentions, but did not deflect the ball and the equalizer was 2: 2.

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– Adam Fritzk won the battle against cancer, returned to the field and scored the first goal. From a guy looking for examples of athletes who were able to do this, an example became easy to find. Tell us about difficulties, doubts and joy. Feelings that have intertwined in recent years – Dawid Szymczak, journalist at Sport.pl wrote in October 2019. One of the protagonists of the meeting was Frączczak, the other of course being Jacek Kiełb, mentioned in the introduction.

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Corona Kelsey – Chrobry Głogów 3:2 after extra time (2:2, 1:2)

Objectives: Frączczak Two (18, 64), Kiełb (119) – Lebedinsky (38), Rzochowski (39)

Crown: Forenc – Danek, Malarczyk From, Petrov Frompin, collect, arrange, circle From – Podgórski (105. Łukowski), Szpakowski (46. Sewerzyński), Takac From (68. Oliveira), Blanik (68. Sausage From) – Frączczak, Szykauka (81st Zarandia).

brave: Leszczyński – Iłków-Gołąb FromMichael FromBougaidis, Ziemann – Kolenc (78. Machaj), Mandrysz – Bochnak (84. Tupaj), Rzuchowski, Piła From – Lebedinsky From (105. Van der Heyden).

Rule: Paweł Raczkowski (Warsaw). Viewers: 14129.