10 strategy games under 50 PLN worth buying in Steam Summer Sale 2022
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June 30, 2022, 19:36

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is in full swing. On this occasion, we have prepared an overview of the offers of strategies for which you will pay less than PLN 50.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 is still tempting with offers. The promotions feature thousands of different products of each available type. Today we bring you another review. This time we have collected six interesting strategies for which you will now pay less than 50 PLN.

Cities: Skylines for PLN 29.99

I don’t need to give that address to most people, but I couldn’t help but put it here. this is City builder, which allows us to drive our modern city. During the game, we have to create an efficient road network (which sometimes seems like an almost impossible task), provide adequate infrastructure for residents and not go bankrupt.

in Cities: Skylines I spent hundreds of hours and still managed to have a great time here. The title allows you to unleash your creativity and create the city of dreams.

And yes, I understand that this game has been given away for free on the Epic Games Store. However, this version is missing one important thing – access to Steam Workshop. This is where you will find thousands of mods that increase the appeal of the title.

Cities: Skylines on Steam

If you already have Cities: SkylinesAnd the Then you can consider buying DLC, which are also currently on sale:

  1. Airports – 41.59 PLN (-20%)
  2. Campus – 25.99 PLN (-50%)
  3. green cities – 25.99 PLN (-50%)
  4. Industries – 29.99 PLN (-50%)

Two Point Hospital for PLN 34.24

Two Point Hospital It is an economic strategy in a humorous convention. The objective of the game is to create a profitable hospital while taking care of the health of the patients residing there. Everything was packed into a very good story campaign. During its term, we visit other facilities and make them available to order. With each mission, the degree of difficulty increases slowly, and we learn about more diseases and ways to treat them.

However, you must take into account that The game economy is not particularly complicated, So there are no major challenges here. Nevertheless, it’s a good title worth playing.

Two Point Hospital on Steam

Frostpunk to Polish zloty 27.49

Another city builder on the list, this time Frostbank From 11-bit Polish studios. In the game we find an alternative version of the 19th century, when a new ice age reigned on Earth. A handful of survivors established small settlements clustered around huge steam generators. We play the role of the manager of one of these cities, and our job is to keep the residents alive. For this purpose, we must, among other things, obtain food and fuel to operate the heat source.

It’s a piece of decent production that presents an interesting and challenging world. In addition, as in games from 11-bit studios, there is a strong emphasis on ethical decisions. In this way, we must decide, among other things, whether we should ensure the children’s welfare or get them to work. However, it is not perfect – exploring the world is a little weak, and over time we begin to act according to patterns, because we understand how each of the decisions affects the morale of the population.

Frostpunk on Steam

The most interesting strategies according to Kaiser

This time I decided to ask Damien “Cazaron” Jack, a fan of strategy, to also point out the more interesting titles in his opinion. Here’s what I have prepared for you:

  1. Exile for PLN 24.47 – Strategy to build a small medieval society. We lead outcasts who live apart from others, and the only form of contact with the outside world is the merchant who comes to our settlement. The essence of the game is to build new facilities, develop production chains, and ensure the prosperity of the villagers. Survival lovers and city builders will be delighted. An interesting fact is that The game is microscopic by today’s standardsBecause it occupies less than 1 GB of disk space. Moreover, I stayed Made by one person.
  2. Fox fox for PLN 28.79.0fox She pleasantly surprised me in the past few days. There is a perfectly competent strategy under the envelope of fairy tales and pixel art graphics. Don’t expect a wealthy economic class – gra focuses on combat in turn-based battles With a very simplified form for obtaining funds. However, the battles have a surprising amount of depth and reliability for a title that won’t even take up 1GB on your drives. Units can do serious damage, but we need to meet certain conditions for that to happen. The terrain also greatly affects the course of the skirmishes, and your generals can use special skills.
  3. Buoyancy for PLN 35.24 – The game is from Early Access, but it really does provide a lot of fun (I spent just over 14 of them myself). If you like the movie water world (water world), there’s a good chance you’ll like this title. This production is a city builder set in the post-apocalyptic world. The land has been flooded and our task is to drive a raft settlement. As we travel, we find resources that will enable us to survive, and we also meet other survivors who are not always friendly.
  4. Before we leave for PLN 25.19 – is another community building game that takes us back to a post-global catastrophe. However, this strategy differs from traditional city builders in that The map in it has been divided into hexagons, As a result, the scope for building new structures has been significantly reduced. In order to thrive, we must leave the original island and colonize the rest of the planet. Over time, in search of raw materials, we wander even other bodies in the planetary system. A very important mechanic is to establish the right chain of business contacts Between individual planet islands, but also between your colonies in space.

Planet Zoo for PLN 48.59.40

Planet Zoo It is a very fun economic strategy in which we play the role of zoo manager. Our tasks include the overall design of jogging or spaces for visitors, hiring of staff and looking after the needs of animals. If we neglect our duties, we will face a wave of protests or go bankrupt in the world.

This title quickly throws you into the deep end and can be quite a challenge. However, it does not cause frustration. In addition, the creators gave us great opportunities for construction, thanks to which we can realize our dreams about the perfect zoo (of course, when we get enough money).

Planet Zoo on Steam

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Full Version for PLN 28.79.0

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 It is one of my childhood nicknames. In the game, we play the role of an amusement park manager, and our tasks include building new attractions while maintaining the profitability of the facility. However, it is not easy, because we have to ensure customer satisfaction. full version It guarantees not only the basic version of the game, but also two additions:

  1. soaked! introducing the possibility of building water parks;
  2. Wild! To create zoos.

Recently, I returned to the title and must admit that it is still very attractive. Sometimes it takes a little patience, but it is still recommended. The only significant drawback of the production is the graphics – it’s no secret that he hasn’t aged well.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Full Version on Steam

Avene Colony to Polish Zloty 21.59

Finally, underestimated in my opinion Avene colony. He’s a city builder who wears sci-fi jackets. We come to the planet Avene Prime, where we have to create suitable rules for human habitation. For this purpose, we collect raw materials and build new structures. The game forces us to multitask. In addition to developing the settlement, we must also defend it against threats and take care of air quality, energy and the needs of the residents.

Avene colony It is a very playable game that can keep you hooked for hours. A well-designed imaginative campaign that systematically presents us with new challenges and many things to oversee, makes it hard to get bored. As if that weren’t enough, each mission throws us into different regions of the planet. They differ from each other in terms of weather conditions and access to resources, which requires you to constantly adapt your playing style. And all this in an eye-catching graphic design.

Avene Colony on Steam

Other promotions

In addition, you can also check out the following offers:

  1. Frozenheim (Polish) – 49.20 PLN (-20%)
  2. Northguard (Polish) – 43.19 PLN (-60%)
  3. Pharaoh + Cleopatra (English) – 21.21 zlotys (-50%)
  4. prison engineer (Polish) – 26.99 PLN (-75%)
  5. Surviving from Mars (Polish) – 26.99 PLN (-75%)

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