10 on-screen couples who didn’t like each other in real life
The best actors can play extraordinary emotions so well that the audience actually believes in their sincerity. Although history has witnessed love cases from film sets, many work acquaintances end up being in real hesitation. The duo in this category created palpable chemistry on screen, but when the cameras turned off, the magic evaporated and the group was filled with hatred. Meet 10 film and TV couples who took to the heights to reveal the hatred that divides them.

On-screen couples who didn’t like each other on set

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams – “The Notebook”

In the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel, Gosling and McAdams played a love-struck couple whose love is doomed. On set, the couple didn’t like each other at first. As director Nick Cassavetes admitted years later, the actor who later became famous for his role as Ken from “Barbie” tried to replace his partner with another actress. Ultimately, the efforts did not bear fruit, and in the 2004 film, we saw chronicles of unhappy love, including legendary scenes, in the duo’s original version. The story could have ended here, but like every successful love story, it had its twist. Two years later, Gosling and McAdams met by chance in New York, and after some time, their on-screen love began to blossom in reality. In 2007, the acting duo broke up.

“The Notebook” movie trailer

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio – “Romeo and Julia”
Director Baz Luhrmann, in his original vision of Shakespeare’s famous drama, has cast two young actors with prospects for a great career. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes played lovers with the grace of seasoned professionals. When the cameras stopped rolling, there was resentment rather than friendliness at the forefront. The future star of “Titanic” was supposed to diversify his work by joking with members of the film crew. The fun was not appreciated by the serious Dane, who was viewed by DiCaprio as somewhat stiff and lacking a sense of humour.

Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke – “9 1/2 Weeks”

The passionate romance novel 9 1/2 Weeks tells the story of an attractive divorcee who engages in a fiery relationship with a man she has just met. Working on set was not a pleasant experience for its star, Kim Basinger. The actress, who rose to fame from films such as “Never Say Never Again”, “Batman” and “LA Confidential”, became a victim of the vision of director Adrian Lyne, who decided to express emotions on screen through action in real life. He decided to push Elizabeth, the heroine of the film, to the brink of endurance and use her partner to achieve his goal. Off camera, Rourke isolated himself from Basinger, even hitting the actress during close-up aggressive scenes.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny – “Z Archiwum X”

The case of the stars of the series “The X-Files” turned out to be one of the positive stories that, instead of ending in bad relations forever, became the beginning of mutual sympathy. Anderson revealed previous disagreements years after the original seasons of the series ended. – There was definitely a time when we hated each other…hate is too strong a word. We didn’t talk for a long time. – the actress admitted. – We argued about anything. We couldn’t look at each other – Duchovny said. But today the relationship between the two seems completely different, and the actors return to the screens after many years in new seasons of “The X-Files” series.

Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly – “Singin’ in the Rain”

The process of creating this legendary music has a dark side. The subject of contention between the stars of the production – Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly – was their dancing skills. The actress, who had more experience in gymnastics than dancing, had to match the skills of the great performers on screen. Because of her mistakes, delayed shooting, and constant criticism of star and director only served to destroy Reynolds’ already weak self-confidence. She herself admitted years later that, apart from giving birth, “Singin’ in the Rain” was the hardest challenge of her life. Kelly did not hide his bad attitude: I wasn’t nice to Debbie. I’m surprised he still wants to talk to me.

Anthony Hopkins and Shirley MacLaine – “Change of Seasons”

For Anthony Hopkins to be called “the most terrible actor I have ever worked with” must be a great honor. The two-time Oscar winner said this about Shirley MacLaine, star of “Steel Magnolias,” “The Suite” and “Terms of Endearment.” Two screen legends didn’t like each other on the set of the comedy-drama “The Changing” from Seasons. Relationship traumas and abuse come to the surface when the couple and their lovers go skiing in the same country house. The opportunity to rebuild the relationship only appears on screen, especially since Years later, MacLaine spoke of her co-star in a similar tone.

Richard Gere and Debra Winger – “An Officer and a Gentleman”

The melodrama directed by Taylor Hackford tells the story of a young student at the Port Rains Experimental School, who undergoes assassin training. Debra Winger plays his on-screen love interest. However, the actress and Richard Gere, who played the hero, were not fans of each other. Louis Gossett Jr., who played the tyrannical Sergeant Foley, who died in March of this year, admitted in his autobiography that after the cameras were turned off, the amazing chemistry that was visible between the film’s characters disappeared. It’s been more than 40 years since “An Officer and a Gentleman” premiered, and Wenger still admits he has no positive feelings about the production.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray – “Dirty Dancing”

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray, stars of the famous film “Dirty Dancing”, did not have good relations on the set, and the couple had met before on the set of the movie “Red Dawn”, but that was only during the production of the dance. What is the reason for the anger? A film that was difficult enough for everyone involved in making it.

Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep – “The Kramer Affair”

Arguments on screen can seem as real as in real life. There was no difference between fantasy and reality in the conversations between the stars of “The Kramer Affair.” Dustin Hoffman is famous for his acting style based on the Stanislavski method. His dedicated preparation was also reflected in his teammates. This time the victim was the inexperienced Meryl Streep. The actor allegedly used various tricks to get the best possible performance from his on-screen wife. Without warning, Streep smashed a wine glass against the wall next to her head, slapped her, screamed and lashed out at her. He used the name of the actress’s recently deceased fiancé, John Cazale. The production was a huge success, and two actors won Oscars for their roles.

Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn – “Sabrina”

Two screen icons had the opportunity to star in an innocent comedy of errors. However, apart from the legendary cast, including William Holden and director and screenwriter Billy Wilder, the production became famous for the complex relationships between the stars. Bogart wanted his wife, Lauren Bacall, to play the young woman who two wealthy brothers fall in love with. When the plans did not come to fruition, the actress had an unfavorable attitude towards Hepburn, who was at the height of her fame. He criticized her for her appearance and the number of takes she needed to say her dialogue flawlessly. On the set, the actress herself did not avoid gossip, as she entered into a short affair with Holden himself.

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