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June 25th, 2018

World War Z Trailer

After news of ridiculous amounts of reshoots and script rewrites the feeling began to sink in that WORLD WAR Z was in a lot of trouble and would likely be a huge stinker. The other day Entertainment Tonight showed a small glimpse of footage from the trailer and now you can see full trailer in all its glory. I say that because I love this trailer and share none of the same negative issues with fast zombies that a lot of people apparently have. I’m more than halfway through Max Brooks novel and while I really enjoy it, I have to say that I think it warrants a lot of liberties to be taken to make a narrative friendly enough for audiences to latch on to. Cry blasphemy all you want, but I think the footage in this trailer is badass.

There are several shots in the trailer of massive overwhelmingly fast hordes of zombies attacking in closed in streets, tipping over vehicles and scaling a massive wall and all of it gave me a visceral sense of tension and dread- in a good way. I think the film looks intense and while I think the excessive amount of CG does kind of make it look a little cartoonish, I can’t deny how awesome I thought the trailer was and how surprised I am to say that after dreading what it would look like based on all the bad press coming from the production. Does this mean the film won’t he horrible? Not at all, but I have a lot more hope now than I did before seeing the footage.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts!


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