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May 24th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 News Updates

A half a dozen new fantastic photos, 3 great new clips and insights on what to expect in Walking Dead Season 3 from Glen Mazzara are all covered in our latest Walking Dead news wrap up.

As much as we may all want to pretend otherwise Walking Dead Season 2 for the most part was a massive snooze fest with the survivors spending 80% of the season debating the mundane parts of life on the Hershel Farm. Although Season 2 ended on a high note the season as a whole was pretty flat. Clearly fans were not the only ones thinking that  The Walking Dead Season 3 was a bit mundane since the producers and show creators have made a point of pointing out that Season 3 will be intense and will pick up the pace from the last season. Glen Mazzara says Season 3 will be about the scares, sacrifice and new challenges;

 The number one rule is not so much keeping the zombies scary, it’s keeping the show scary. [The zombies] are always a horror but as our folks learn to live with them, the new horror becomes what people will do to survive and to protect each other in this world. And what they’re willing to sacrifice to achieve their ambition. So it’s very much a human drama, and I think these new characters, particularly The Governor, certainly do play into that.

The show is very adrenalized in Season 3… All these horrible things are being thrown at our characters at such a relentless pace that the audience won’t be able to catch their breath and figure out what’s going on. So I think it’s just the idea that you are immersed in this apocalypse, and there really is no escape.

Walking Dead Season 3 looks incredibly intense just from the clips that have been released so far and I for one hope that the third season will return us back to the glory of Season 1. Season 3 of the Walking Dead will see the introduction of animatronic props alongside Greg Nicotero’s classic special FX. In the third season of The Walking Dead we will see how decomposition has changed the walkers over time and the only way Greg could do this effectively was to do away with actors in makeup and turn to animatronics.

More interestingly we will get to see Rick evolve and transform into a version of Shane. Over the course of the first and second season of The Walking Dead Shane became the villain for being the strong arm and doing what needed to be done and Rick was always the voice of reason. In the third season we will see Rick transform into a dictator of sorts as he fights to keep his group and his family alive even if that means becoming what he hated most in his now dead best friend Shane.

Glen Mazzarra had a few points to share on Rick’s Reign in Walking Dead Season 3 saying;

 Rick’s reign is initially successful in the fact that they do discover this prison and that proves at first that Rick was right that there’s a place out there that perhaps they can be safe. The question becomes how far can he push the group? What is the breaking point? And Rick will certainly have to deal with how far can he push himself and what is his breaking point.

What are your thoughts on the third season are you excited? The third season will debut on October 14th. Checkout three new clips below;


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