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May 25th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 Free Online!

I absolutely love The Walking Dead and Season 3 is by far the best yet. I am also clearly not alone considering that the Walking Dead Season 3 was also a ratings bonanza. AMC’s marketing team has done a great job at building buzz for the series increasing viewership by over three fold.

Over 15.2 million people tuned into to see Walking Dead Season 3 and this despite the fact that Dish Network dropped AMC and The Walking Dead. The first season’s premiere drew in 5.3 million and the premiere of Season 2 of The Walking Dead drew in 7.3 million viewers so Season 3 is clearly drawing in even more fans. ┬áNothing will stop us genre fans from getting our fix of zombies and Walking Dead.

The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 3 was stellar and easily made up for a truly lack luster second season. The producers had promised fans who were dissapointed by the mundane second season that Season 3 would get better and they were true to their word. Season 3 of Walking Dead focused heavily on the characters but did not forget that the show is still about an apocalyptic zombie event and zombies were required.

If the third season keeps up the pace of the premiere then Walking Dead Season 3 could be the best season yet. With lots of action, great character development and a great twist Season 3 kicked things off in glorious fashion.

I cant wait to see all 16 episodes and in the meantime for Dish Network subscribers or for folks who missed out in general you can watch Episode of of Walking Dead Season 3 below for free!


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