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May 21st, 2018

The Last Stand Movie Review


In a sleepy border town Sheriff Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is all that stands between the crafty drug cartel leader Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega). Cortez escaped from FBI custody in the most inventive way ever, and is headed 197 mph towards the Mexican border.

The Last Stand is over the top, simplistic in its delivery, and damn fun! Jee-woon Kim delivers his first English language film for American audiences to enjoy his unique vision. This action comedy is quite gratifying. I am a sucker for big dumb action films.

When Arnold is not on the screen, you are secretly wishing he was. The Governator shows a side that has never really been shown audiences. Arnold is older, has increased his life experiences, and shows a softer/sentimental side. Just don’t think he still can’t kick ass, and rack up the body counts. Gabriel Cortez was the perfect high speed driver because he was a racecar driver before becoming a full time drug cartel leader. Oh how convenient! His character was the only boring part of the film, and that was only while he was driving like really fast on the highway. So that’s a plus.

Arnold’s deputies were all swell. Johnny Knoxville continues to be an actor/stuntman in this flick as the town crazy, providing comedic relief with the help of Luis Guzman. Noriega had his own deputies in the form of Burrell (Peter Stormare) as well as a dozen baddies wielding fully automatic weapons.

Arnold has four movies coming out soon. So love him or hate him Arnold…well…as he would say: “I’m back.”

The Last Stand – ★★★1/2


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