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June 21st, 2018

The Dark Knight Rises Early Reviews

The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters July 20th and a special screening was held a few days ago where 40 to 50 ‘critics’ and ‘fans’ as they are being billed got to see The Dark Knight Rises early. From that early Dark Knight screening two words seem to come up most, Oscar worthy and standing ovation. The Dark Knight Rises is an epic film a powerfull experience and easily the best film in the film franchise according to tweets, reviews and facebook comments that are exploding across the internet.

As I am writing this I am actually listening to Hans Zimmer’s A Storm is Coming from the soundtrack of The Dark Knight Rises and needless to say it has me wired to see the movie myself when it is released

It was no easy feat to go and track down all the early reviews for The Dark Knight Rises and also avoid spoilers. The last thing that you or I want to have happen is to have the film spoiled but I can assure you that it took a lot of work but I managed to collect quite a few reactions and not have the film spoiled at all. This means that you can rest assured I won’t spoil it for you.

Fans who saw the film in the early Dark Knight Rises Screening are tweeting reviews, posting comments on facebook and submitting anonymous feedback to blogs around the globe. In doing so they are  being very candid in their passion for the Dark Knight Rises and here are a few quick bullet points on the reactions I have read so far this morning;

  • If you think you know where the Dark Knight Rises is going you will be shocked.
  • The Dark Knight Rises is a very emotional experience for fans and could actually bring you to tears as it did for some at the screening.
  • If you thought that the Joker brought down destruction on Gotham City wait till you see what BANE brings to the streets of Gotham. He literally tears the city to pieces. Where the Joker did things without reason and with no real purpose other than chaos Bane’s passion for destruction brings a freight train of pain
  • The Dark Knight Rises focuses heavily on the fact that not only is Gotham city rotting from the inside out but so is Batman. Batman must RISE but so must Gotham in this the last installment of The Dark Knight Rises
  • Christian Bale’s voice as Batman which annoyed some fan boys has improved.
  • Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman is much closer to the comics then any past takes on the character.

The executive VP of Warner Brothers Jeff Goldstein also weighed in telling The Wrap;

“This is what a summer popcorn movie is all about. I don’t want to oversell it, but this has elements that are ground-breaking and are really a thrill ride.”

Frankly do you expect one of the honchos at Warner Brothers to say the film is crap? Of course not but it is a safe bet that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is going to be a smash hit with the fans and a complete monster at the Box Office.

If I were Spiderman I would be prepared to get smashed by the bat and the fan poster below pretty much says it all. IF you have seen The Dark Knight Rises already leave us a comment and tell us what you thought but please be considerate and DO NOT post Dark Knight Rises Spoilers!

As far as reviews go probably the best one to read online is the one posted at MonarchyMag here

Sources: @Tommcauliffe, @nickcarterroxs, Facebook Commentor Vince Peluso, CosmicBookNews, MonarchyMag


  1. Alex_5418

    It’s “Hans Zimmer”. Also, those early screening reviews are a hoax with no proof. Real critics have seen it now, but they haven’t blabbed. Man, you blog runners are lazy. 

    • Herner Klenthur

      Tks for the correction on my spelling of Zimmer’s last name. As for insulting me for being a ‘blogger’ … im sorry? lol

  2. Callie Ann

    I am so excited for this movie!

    I am also a lot more in the dark (hehe) story-wise than I was for The Dark Knight, but that should make my viewing experience even better!

    • Herner Klenthur

      I much like you avoided as much as possible on the film. I wanted to go in as blank as possible. Be sure to come back and tell us what you thought when you do see it

  3. Dollardollar55

    damn i read something about *********EDITED BY SITE OWNER THANKS FOR THE SPOILER******** is this true?? could u just confirm if it aint true? hope it doesnt spoil anything! seriously! 

    • fuck you , you motherfucker

    • Kirbyderbygirl

      What the Hell is wrong with you? D:<

    • Herner Klenthur

      Did you seriously just spoil the movie for everyone? I sure hope not! 

    • DieDollardollar55

      oh my god i wish i could reach through the internet and strangle the life out of you you fucking cocksucker. how dense are you? did you just gloss over that bit at the bottom of the blog that said “please be considerate and DO NOT post Dark Knight Rises Spoilers!”??!!?? are you fucking blind?? i’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this film for over a year and i spent forty dollars to see it in imax the morning of the day it opens. you should refund me along with anyone else who happened to glance at your retarded comment. you should be banned from the internet you fucking moron.

    • Knossis2003

      If this the ending to the dark knight, it’s kinda cliched. Just your standard fake death happy ever after ending to a film. Nothing controversial about. Should still be good to see how the story gets to that point. And DollarDollar55, you’re an ass for posting this and ruining the movie for some folks.

  4. Big Spoiler:

    The last sequence, Bane has Batman on the ropes.
    “You think because you wear a cape you can be me?”
    “I’m not the only one in a cape.”
    Then Superman from the new Superman movie smashes through the ceiling and stops Bane from hurting Batman. He then helps rebuilds the city, while Batman recuperates.

  5. tmi808

    Nope. Here’s a fake ending for you. Batman is presumed dead, but Gotham is saved. Fast forward 20 years later. Crime is at all time high. An old man sits and watches TV. Doesn’t like what he sees. He tries to deny his feelings. He goes walking in they city to think and is accosted by thugs. The old reflexes kick in and he manages to survive. He is trembling. We finally see his face and it is Adam West. Cut to a scene of the Tumbler roaring in the night. The Dark Knight Returns.

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