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October 21st, 2018

Superman Man of Steel Trailer Low Down!

Are you ready for the Superman Man of Steel Trailer? Zack Snyder is a visionary directory and quite frankly he is the only reason I am even remotely excited for another Superman movie.

The original films which starred  Christopher Reeve were classics but the remake by Bryan Singer was in a word horrendous.Bryan Singer has a ton of talent as was exhibited in The Usual Suspects which to this day is one of the top 5 crime thrillers ever made.

Unfortunately Superman Returns was less about creativity and more about finding somebody who looked just like Christopher Reeve.

Zack Snyder’s  is the mind behind some of the most action packed and visually impressive films of the last 10 years including 300, The Watchmen and one of the few good remakes to come out of Hollywood Dawn of the Dead.

The Superman Man of Steel Trailer will be dropped this week as it is getting its debut at comic con 2012 and the second it does arrive we will post it here. Superman Man of Steel  Trailer has been given a G rating so this will definitely be a tame trailer filled with lots of splash and safe content for the kids.

Even more interesting is the fact that CBM has learned from an un-named source that Superman Man of Steel will also feature a Wonder Woman Cameo. they write;

According to our source part of WB’s plan is to use ‘Man Of Steel’ and drop hints that Superman is in a shared universe with his DC counterparts. The hints will be very subtle such as character mentions.

The one character that DC is really wanting to reference is Wonder Woman. The source was unclear on if this would be to set up a solo movie for the Amazon Princess or to the Justice League, but with the info that was just posted it seems more likely to be the JLA.

My feeling is that much like the Marvel movies this will either be an easter egg cameo only obvious to die hard fans or it will be a credits cameo. Are you as excited as I am to see Zack Snyder’s Superman Man of Steel trailer?


  1. Ahbehkid

    I’m a fan of Superman. This new flick seems to be going very well. Can’t wait for the trailer 😀

  2. paradox

    what the hell is up with a g rating? what can you do with a rating like that?> show superman arm wrestling with zod

  3. Stating the obvious

    The trailer is rated G, not the entire film. 

  4. DrRockso

    I am more excited than you are

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