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March 24th, 2018

Sexiest Women of Horror, The New Generation

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovivich is a one woman army destroying all undead that cross her path in Resident Evil. The latest film in the franchise Resident Evil Retribution will hit theaters this month. She also starred in the supernatural thriller The Fourth Kind and the crime thriller A Perfect Getaway. Milla Jovovich is a model turned horror movie superstar.

Kristen Bell

Kirsten Bell comes off as the sweet girl next door which is likely why she is as popular as she is. Her short career is impressive and she has had a few forays into the horror genre but should definitely do more. She starred in 2006’s Sci-Fi horror PULSE and also had a role in Scream 4. I think she would be fantastic in the upcoming remake of MARTYRS.

Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra’s first big foray into the horror genre was with then dark thriller Hollowman where she plays a beautiful woman who is sexually assaulted by Kevin Bacon’s character the Hollow Man. Never one to play the victim for to long she recently kicked that role to the side playing the ultimate bad ass in Neil Marshall’s apocalyptic film DOOMSDAY. If you loved Mad Max you will love Doomsday if you have not seen it yet.  She went on from there to star in Underworld 3 and has a very bright future ahead of her.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is in a word stunning and for me there is nothing better then an attractive but strong woman and Kate Beckinsale is definitely both. Probably best known as Selene from Underworld she has had an impressive career and other memorable horror roles include Vacancy, the horrible film Whiteout and the campy but fun Van Helsing.

Elizabeth Banks

Most people will know Elizabeth Banks from her command performance in The Hunger Games but for me she is best known for two other horror roles, the comedy Slither and the supernatural thriller The Uninvited. Elizabeth Banks is incredibly talented and a truly natural beauty who steals every scene she is in.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Much like many of the other super hot horror stars on this list Mary Elizbaeth Winstead is a natural beauty who doesnt have to try very hard. She also is incredibly talented and has been in a slew of new horror films as well as remakes including Black Christmas, The Thing, Death Proof and Final Destination 3. A truly talented actress who has a great career in front of her.

Neve Campbell

I have to admit that Neve Campbell is really only known for one horror movie but because it spawned an entire franchise and is so iconic I could not help but include her. The franchise of course is SCREAM. Scream 4 was the latest but since the studio is planning two more we should see even more of Neve. Here is hoping she also takes on some other roles.

Sheri Moon Zombie

I had no idea who Sheri Moon Zombie was before she married Rob Zombie but since then he has had roles in most of Zombies’ films. As much as the casting appears to be because of marriage there is no denying she is very good at being sexy and deadly in her roles. Best known for the remake of Halloween and the remake of ToolBox Murders she also starred in The Devils Rejects.

Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris is an icon in the horror genre and frankly  I could sit here for days listing the movies she has been in but the most memorably one recently is Stake Land the vampire movie equivalent of the Walking Dead. Although she does not appear in the film until the end she is easily the highlight delivering a great performance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar is best known for Buffy but she has also had a career of making horror films with the most memorable for me being the remake of The Grudge which I am not ashamed to say was both terrifying and a fantastic remake!

Diora Baird

Diora Baird is best known probably as being a nice set of teeth and she was stunning in the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre but was little more then eye candy. She also starred in the remake of Night of the Demonds also serving as eye candy. She takes a break from looking sexy and actually proves she can lead a film in the sequel to 30 Days of Night. She reminded me of Rhona Mitra’s character from Doomsday and proved that she has way more talent then she is given credit for.



  1. The best is Sarah Michelle Gellar, I don’t know why she is so below in this list…

  2. hassan

    jessica biel nd then jessica alba is my fav..

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