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May 21st, 2018

Sexiest Women of Horror, The New Generation

Often when we talk about horror movies we pay tribute to the classics and as a result the classic beauties but there is no denying that horror over the last 20 years has not only introduced a lot of new potential classic films but it has also brought to us a ton of stunning new female actresses.

Gone are the days of Scream Queens where a bevy of common beauties dominated the horror genre and instead now we get fresh new faces on a film by film basis but that isn’t all bad.

This editorial is a tribute to a new generation of the sexiest women of horror. Where Linnea Quigley was hands down the sexiest scream queen of the 80’s and 90’s there are a whole slew of new actresses who are wowing fans.

In many cases this new generation of horror actresses combine stunning good looks with incredible talent, and sometimes its all about a great rack and nice teeth. You decide which is which in our list of the Sexiest Women of Horror, The New Generation.

Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter is best known for her work on the hit TV show Dexter but she also has two distinct roles in horror films. She starred in QUARANTINE which is a remake of the Spanish horror film REC and also starred in The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose one of the better supernatural thrillers of modern horror.

Jessica Biel

I never watched 7th Heaven so I had no idea who she was until she starred in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and at that point she definitely got my attention. She also starred in Martyrs director Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man which will be on DVD in October.

Cerina Vincent

Cerina Vincent is a babe and she first caught my eye in an erotic turned disturbing bathtub sequence in Cabin Fever. She also starred in Return to House on Haunted Hill which I passed on seeing.

Katrina Bowden

Most people will recognize her as the hot office assistant on 30 Rock but she is working hard these days to become a new generation Scream Queen. She starred in 2011’s absolutely hilarious Dale & Tucker vs Evil, followed that up with a role in Piranha 3DD and will soon appear in Asylums first theatrical horror release Hold Your Breath as well as Nurse 3D

Jessica Alba

Long before she starred in Dark Angel she was in one of the funniest horror comedies of all time Idle Hands. She has followed that up with many other great roles including Machete, The Killer Inside Me, The Eye and Awake. If you can only see two films on this list see Idle Hands and The Killer Inside Me but be warned the Killer Inside Me is unbelievably brutal. Jessica Alba’s character is a prostitute and the sexual sadism is over the top and demonstrates just how good an actress she really is.



  1. The best is Sarah Michelle Gellar, I don’t know why she is so below in this list…

  2. hassan

    jessica biel nd then jessica alba is my fav..

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