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July 3rd, 2015

Red Giant’s Short Film “Order Up” Goes Viral!

Red Giants Short Film Order Up Goes Viral!I watch alot of short films and this one from Visual FX Software Maker Red Giant takes the cake. The 3 minute sci-fi adventure film is a prime example of how t0 make a great short film.

The short film called “Order Up” which is directed by Seth Worley and stars Micah Lanier is in a word hilarious.

Red Giant Software created it using their visual FX software package Knoll Light Factory 3 and after watching the short I think many of you will go checkout the software with dreams of being the next Spielberg!

“Order Up” packs truly impressive visual effects, a hilarious lead actor and some absolutely fantastic humor. Witty, and fun it was the highlight of my morning so I encourage you to check it out below.


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