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Top 10 Modern Creature Feature Movies

To celebrate the release of SUPER 8 it felt fitting to take a look back at some of my favorite creature features. For the list I considered everything from nature gone wild, mythical creatures, aliens and straightforward monste...
by Luke


Twilight Breaking Dawn Reviews; What Did you Think?

Twilight Breaking Dawn has just hit theaters which signals that the franchise is creeping closer to the end which is bad news for die hard fans and good news for those  of you who have had quite enough of all the twilight shen...
by Herner

paranormal activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3 Plot, Paranormal Activity 2 Discussion

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 opened on Friday and drew record numbers for an R rated horror movie, and was received well amongst fans of the first film. Needless to say with over $40 million grossed at the box office in its first week...
by Luke



Why The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Be Better

AMC’s hit TV show is one of the best and highest rated shows on cable television. It has made zombies cool in mainstream America and brought my die hard passion for all things zombie to mainstream audiences. For that AMC will...
by Herner


David Dobkin Interview, The Change Up

For director/producer David Dobkin, the premise of two best friends who are in desperate need of a big change was one that he found fertile ground for comedy. When he was given the new script from Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the...
by Sheila Roberts



Dark Knight Rises: An Unexpected Villain Will Return

I have been deliberately ignoring as much detail on the Dark Knight Rises as possible over the last few weeks but today an interesting tidbit caught my eye. It seem that Bane will not be the only villain to tangle with The Bat...
by Herner


Top 5 Modern Horror Icons

More than two decades ago we were served with some of the most iconic horror killers ever put to screen, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Leatherface and Pinhead. If anything has been evident since then it...
by Luke


Walking Dead Guide: The Show vs. The Comic Book

The Walking Dead is the biggest thing right now, and that makes me really happy; not just for Frank Darabont, who’s finally gotten a recent project off the ground that isn’t a Stephen King adaptation (or, uh, The Ma...
by Danny Djeljosevic



The Next Three Days Movie Review

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I sat down in the theater to watch Paul Haggis’ new film THE NEXT THREE DAYS. I had seen a trailer a month or so beforehand, but couldn’t quite remember exactly how it presented t...
by Luke


Hereafter Movie Review

Take a second and think about all the things that you can accomplish in a span of two hours. Now think about trading all that productivity in to sit in a theater and watch a movie. The redeeming factor of movies is the feeling ...
by Luke


The Real Ghostbusters

More Conjecture From Dan Aykroyd About Ghostbusters 3

At this point, any rumor regarding a third “Ghostbusters” movie should be taken as nothing more than a non-starter. If anything, these rumors only seem to perpetually keep Dan Aykroyd’s name in the news. Reall...
by Chic


Torture Porn Redefined: Dressing Down A Serbian Film

Disclaimer #1: Please be aware that the following post is going to contain explicit language of a sexual and violent nature. It is possible that just reading such graphically disturbing behavior may become uncomfortable and eve...
by Luke

Dead or Alive

Video Game Movies: The Worst, the Best, and the Future

Video games have always been a source for Hollywood to bank off of, much like comic books. When a video game franchise reaches a certain amount of success it’s only natural to want to see it portrayed on the big screen. I...
by Ray Sweat


AMC's "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead Episode 5 Review

There was a terrible moment during tonight’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. It was the moment during the previews for next week in which the voiceover said “…on the season finale of ...
by Chic


Collections Agency Seeking Former Hollywood Video Customers For Late Fees

DVD rental store Hollywood Video has spectacularly gone down in flames with other similar businesses struggling with the emergence of online streaming and services like Netflix. That hasn’t stopped people around the count...
by Luke


10 Best Horror Comedies

Of all the various sub-genres of horror, I have to confess that my absolute favourite is the horror comedy. Say what you will, but while splatterfests are all well and good, I like to have a few laughs with my gore. When the tw...
by Kris



Luke’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

Update: Review Added for KILL LIST, THE HUNGER GAMES, THE CORRIDOR, PROMETHEUS, THE AVENGERS, THE DIVIDE & THE CABIN IN THE WOODS No sooner than 2011 comes to a close does it come time to look ahead to the vast number of hy...
by Luke


The Dark Knight Rises Early Reviews

The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters July 20th and a special screening was held a few days ago where 40 to 50 ‘critics’ and ‘fans’ as they are being billed got to see The Dark Knight Rises early. From that early Dark...
by Herner


5 Terrible Horror Sequels

Well before remakes became Hollywood’s big cash cow, studios would attempt to milk a horror movie for all its worth with sequel after sequel. While the name value was often enough to draw in the masses, the majority of th...
by Kris