Jensen Ackles Does Resident Evil 4?

Posted by: Jerrica

The co-star of the CW’s teen cult sensation "Supernatural" Jensen Ackles is in talks for the role of Leon Kennedy in the fourth "Resident Evil" currently known as "Afterlife.", according to SciFiWire. The third film "Extinction" is in production and the fourth is already preparing to film next year to follow in the video game horror movie franchise.

Ackles has plenty of horror and sci-fi experience under his belt. He played Alec in the second season of James Cameron’s "Dark Angel," Jason Teague in the fourth season of "Smallville," and now he has his big lead role in "Supernatural" where he plays the cool and wise-cracking Dean Winchester with his fellow star the rise Jared Padalecki. Who could be a better fit for "Resident Evil 4" than one of the newest kings of teen horror television?

Anyone familiar with Leon Kennedy from the games can tell you that Ackles is perfect for the part. His voice, mannerisms, and overall appearance make an ideal match for the character. No one could play Kennedy better, and if Ackles gets the role, it will be his largest big screen role yet. In a slice of irony, "Afterlife" is also the name of an episode of "Supernatural" in its coming second season.

Ackles has good buzz around his performance in the upcoming "Ten Inch Hero" and is consistently radiating talent on the small screen, so "Resident Evil: Afterlife" might be a tremendous opportunity for him to further expand his burgeoning career. There are others being considered, but if the versatile and charismatic Ackles signs on, the popular cop Kennedy is sure to be everything he is in the games and more. Fans of "Resident Evil" and the actor should hope to be so lucky.


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