Bruce Campbell Major Role in Spiderman 3

Posted by: Michael
Word from Bruce Campbell is that in SpiderMan 3 he is goin to have a very significant role. So significant word is that he teams up with Spiderman. No idea what this means, but it means die hard chin fans like myself rejoice. I can not wait for this movie if Bruce has a much larger role in it!!!  You will remember that Sam Raimi started doing reshoots as he was not satisfied with the film action sequences and called back Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco to do reshoots to add more action to the film.
Update: Got an email today informing me that their is not truth to the rumor that was emailed to us. Which makes a ton of sense. I couldnt figure out how they could put Bruce Campbell in a major role considering the roles he played in the first two. According to a Bruce Campbell blog, Bruce did say it but he was being sarcastic. Should of known, since The Chin has one hell of a sense of humor. Kudos to Shahin for the heads up!


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