The Thing Prequel coming !

Posted by: MacReady
Now this is very nice news. Strike Entertainment ("Dawn of the Dead" remake) are planning a prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing". According to our colleagues from 'Fangoria' the company is searching for a writer (or writers) to pen the screenplay. In my opinion a prequel to the story is a much better idea then the TV miniseries remake Sci Fi planned some years ago (does anyone know what happened to it?). Not as cool as a sequel, but still nice.
I really love "The Thing" and hope they go with cool animatronic effects and get a good director. I don't want to see cheap CGI stuff, i want slimy, disgusting monsters and great craftsmansship once again. Well, how about John Carpenter and Rob Bottin teaming up again? They managed to make a classic once, they would be able to make another one. And just as a hint, i'm sure Vincent Guastini (interview) also would love to do the SFX. He's one of the biggest "The Thing" fans i know. In case you missed it, you can read my review, and in case you still haven't seen the movie yet, go get the DVD. Now!

Horror-meister John Carpenter ("Halloween", "Escape from New York") teams Kurt Russell's outstanding performance with incredible visuals to build this chilling version of the classic "The Thing". In the winter of 1982, a twelve-man research team at a remote Antarctic research station discovers an alien buried in the snow for over 100,000 years. Soon unfrozen, the form-changing alien wreaks havoc, creates terror and becomes one of them.


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