The Hobbit in 2007?

Posted by: Stanch
Michael emailed us to drop the word that apparently a Hobbit film that we long though was dead is in the works at new line. A Ringer Spy who was recently in the New York offices of New Line Cinema has reported that they clearly saw 'The Hobbit' On the film schedule for 2007. Here's what the spy had to say:
"Please leave my email anonymous as I have some very exciting news to report. I was in New Line's NY offices to discuss upcoming projects when I clearly saw something very intriguing on a year planner. 'The Hobbit' was clearly marked on what looked like July 2007. I couldn't exactly take a moment to investigate the calendar with my audience in the room, but it definitely said 'The Hobbit'. Lets hope this is a PJ project!"
Take it with a grain of salt. Rumors are like...... ....... everyones got one and you never can know what is or is not happening till the fat hobbit sings!


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