Exclusive : United 93 DVD Clip

Posted by: Stanch
Courtesy of Universal we have an exclusive clip from a feature on the upcoming United 93 dvd. This exclusive clip is of the "Richard’s Family." United 93, the acclaimed, powerful and unforgettable story of a diverse group of people who banded together in the face of danger and valiantly refused to surrender, comes to DVD on September 5, 2006 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Directed and written by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Supremacy, Bloody Sunday), this grippingly honest, unflinching and profoundly moving film salutes the heroism of the 40 people aboard United Airlines Flight 93 on the day of one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil: September 11, 2001. Painstakingly researched with the full support and involvement of the families of the passengers and the crew members who lost their lives as well as the flight controllers and other military and civilian personnel who experienced the events of the day, United 93 is not only a riveting and inspiring portrait of courage and determination but also the first major motion picture to address the events of September 11th. The United 93 DVD includes a 50-minute documentary containing intimate interviews that focus on the families and the actors discussing the emotional challenges of bringing the personalities of passengers and the flight crew members to life in a way that conveys what director Greengrass calls "a believable truth" of what happened during the 91-minute flight. Be sure to also enter to Win United 93 on DVD which we are giving away to our readers.

Hailed by our critics as a major motion picture achievement, United 93 is the best-reviewed film of the year. ( United 93 Movie Review ) Told in real time, building on official records to reconstruct the shocking events of the day, United 93 is the story of the desperate struggle onboard the aircraft as well as the actions of the flight controllers on the ground who watched in shocked and chaotic disbelief. As Kenny Nacke, brother of passenger Louis J. Nacke, II shared, "These individuals need to be honored, cherished and remembered." The DVD edition of the film includes a candid 50-minute documentary, United 93: The Families and the Film. Eight families whose loved ones perished on the flight and the actors who portray them share their very personal insights and conversations on the real people on board United 93. Heart-wrenching, thought-provoking and always honest, the emotional challenges, complete commitment and ultimately triumphant achievements are presented with insight, sensitivity and probing intelligence as the relationships established between the families, actors and filmmakers coalesce.


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