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Posted by: Stanch
All I can say about DistrictB13 is WOW! Nothing more can be said for the movie. It is a french film that from start to finish is non stop action for a thinking man. By that I mean it is not a Tony Jaa film with mindless stunts, kick and fight scenes. It has all the action, but all the story to go with it. The best part is we have copies for you all to win! 
Experience "a dizzying ricochet of wall-to-wall, floor-too-ceiling, roof-to-roof daredevilry," (Jan Stuart, Newsday) and edge-of-your-seat thrills in District B13, blasting to DVD September 5th, from Magnolia Home Entertainment.  It’s "this year’s most potent adrenaline rush." (Jason Lynch, People).  From the mind of award-winner Luc Besson (The Transporter, The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional), District B13 takes audiences to Paris, 2010 - a city devastated by crime.  When the city’s most ruthless gang acquires a weapon of mass destruction, one brave cop and an ex-criminal go behind enemy lines into the moral wasteland to try and save District B13.  Be sure to read Sheila's District B13 Review.
In his first director role, cinematographer Pierre Morel (The Transporter) delivers, "sheer dexterity and down-to-the-wire suspense," (Variety), in a non-stop thrill ride with gritty action reminiscent of dystopian sci-fi classics.   "District B13 delivers the action goods with some of the most thrilling marital arts ever filmed" (Craig Outhier, Orange County Register), featuring bone-crushing performances by Cyril Raffailli (Kiss of the Dragon) and David Belle (Femme Fatale), who was at the origin of Yamakasi and invented the concept of Parkour, a philosophy of action based on total mobility in an urban environment.  "Blows past you like a hurricane," (Kurt Loder, MTV), District B13, will leave any martial arts fan fully satisfied.  District B13 was an Official Selection at the 2006 South by Southwest Film Festival and debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.  The DVD contains special features including a featurette The Making of District B13, an Extended Fight Sequence and Outtakes.  So how do you win? Easy! Drop us an email with your name, age and address. We dont share the info. We will randomly pick some winners and announce them here.

District B13


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