Writers / Critics Wanted!

Posted by: Michael
It is time once again to expand our horizons with more contributors to the MoviesOnline news site. I also want to take a second to welcome Dan to the Horror Team. Daniel aka NodNShrug has also returned into the fold to write for MoviesOnline again and we welcome him back. That said we are looking for folks who love film in either Canada, The United States, or Europe to contribute news, reviews, and commentary on the latest in the film industry. A Toronto writer is of particular interest to us! are an international site covering all the film markets and as such are looking for people from all walks of life to join the team.
If you love movies and live and dream in techni-color then we want you! We are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in attending screenings and writing reviews, as well as contributing articles on whats going on in the industry. If you applied in the past do not hesitate to apply again. Although the position does not pay you do get the perks of going to screenings, free dvds to review, and interviewing celebrities. If you are looking to break into journalism like our newest writer Dan its also a great conduit for you.  If you are truly passionate about movies, you belong with us!
Drop an email to us and expain why you would make for a great movie commando at MoviesOnline. Please also include a sample article in a notepad file so we can see your writing style. You dont have to be shakespeare, you must however be motivated and truly love films! We are particularly interested in people located in NY, Toronto and LA, and anywhere in the UK since that is where we are most overwhelmed with requests to attend screenings and events but will accept people from any location if you seem like a good fit for us!


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