Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Movie Confirmed?

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According to Ken Kirzinger and Robert Englund everything is moving forward and all they need to do is cross some t's and dot some i's. Hopefully this is not a hoax or misinformation. Apparently the only thing that has been holding this project back has been Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Rightfully so I think as if I were Bruce I wouldn't want to die at the hands of Freddy or Jason. Philly Burbs wrote a short article about the film and here is a clip of what was written.

The project began as fan-inspired rumors more than two years ago, as excitement built for the first pairing of Kruger and Voorhees; after production on that film was completed, New Line production exec Jeff Katz dove into a story synopsis that apparently treats all three characters with the respect that their stars - and their fans - demand. The future of the project rode on the cooperation of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, but it seems that the major wrinkles have been ironed out and final negotiations are underway.

Earlier rumors suggest that one of the carrots dangled before Raimi was the promise that New Line would finance a fourth "Evil Dead" film after the crossover, though this remains unconfirmed. However, it seems to make financial sense to reinvigorate New Line's horror stable, and Raimi would likely smile upon an agreement that would bring childhood friend Campbell into a new series of high-budget films in a starring role. Raimi is unlikely to direct, due to his commitments to the "Spider-Man" series, but is likely to receive a producer's credit once the ink is dry. His longtime partner, Rob Tappert, might take a larger part of the active film production.

The premise is that if Freddy gets his hand on the necronomicon, he can return to life, as an immortal superbeing to seek revenge on Jason. Meanwhile, Freddy has to posses sleeping kids to try to kill Jason, but Jason just annhilates them. The parents of Elm Street view this as Jason murdering kids, so they hire a few supernatural being hunters to kill Jason. They top the team with Ash, who needs the money to fund his trip to destroy the book of the dead. Freddy realises Ash has the necronomicon in his dreams, so he has to get into Ash's mind. So that interlocks the battle. Hope they finish soon, i'm looking foward to working with Bruce (Campbell) and Ken (Kirzinger).

Source: Phillyburbs & Bloody Disgusting


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