Last Call to Win 1 of 10 HUSTLE Prizes

Posted by: Stanch
This weekend we are going to have an explosion of contest winners as we wrap up and give away a ton of goodies to you readers. This is your last chance to win 1 of  10 prizes for the new show for AMC called HUSTLE which is on Wednesday @ 10pm! Call them grifters, con artists, thieves, but these are no ordinary petty criminals. They are expert con artists with a higher purpose, proficient at relieving the greediest fat cat of their heavy wallet and off-shore bank accounts. With effortless charm and engaging humor, the stylish gang of slick hustlers perform their scams set against the backdrop of a shiny-bright, unsuspecting London in the new AMC original series HUSTLE, airs every Wednesday, at 10 PM ET/PT. Filmed with cinematic production values, this urban action series' retro vibe, glossy style and light-hearted approach will put the squeeze on you and make you fall for these pros of con. They make bad look real good. The prizes are.
  • First Place: 1 shirt, a Voice Changer , A Hustle Chess Set
  • 2nd Place: 1 Shirt, and a Hustle USB Memory Card
  • 8 Runners up will get T'Shirts!
To enter email us your name, age and address, and tell us when the show airs. Yes its really tough we know, the answer is in the news above.


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