Guess Which Villain Has Dibs on Iron Man

Posted by: Shawn
At Comic-Con the identity of the villain for the upcoming feature "Iron Man" was revealed to a curious world. Director Jon Favreau named fan-favorite The Mandarin as Iron Man's primary foe for the first film. The Mandarin and Iron Man have been at eachother's throats since 1964 (one year after Iron Man's debut) so no doubt there is a lot of source material available to Favreau when it comes to an actual screenplay. Favreau also mentioned that the film will try and concern itself with the origin of Iron Man's armor rather than Tony Stark's alchoholism that played a heavy role in many story-lines.
For those of you unfamiliar with Mandarin, he is villain of chinese heritage who draws his powers from his knowledge of science and ten jeweled rings that he keeps in his possession at all times. The rings at one point powered the engines of a spacecraft that crashed on earth centuries ago and now Mandarin has harnessed the power of each one to give him a wide-range of abilities such as ice rays and mental control. He is also a very skilled martial artist, and through use of thin forcefields he has developed attacks that can rip through Iron Man's armor.
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