Dead End Days Interview, Part 1

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Well at the Fear Festival thrown by Hobbystar and Rue Morgue their were not alot of opportunities for us to do interviews. In fact all of the interviews that we were told would happen, did not. As much as Jody at Rue Morgue Tried to help us, it just did not happen. So what we did after chasing people for days was setup our own interviews, and Jordan had to work even harder for his news. Enter, the Dead End Days boys.

We spent most the day chasing one another and when we finally hooked up we ended up at the Lone Star bar. It was a nice little pub which was just loud enough to make us yell and shout at each other throughout the interview. But they had two things we needed, a place to sit and beer.

I had a chance to talk to my half of the table, and Jordan our Editor for the Zombie news had a chance to talk to his end of the table, so this interview is a two fold one. I primarily talked with the writer and the director who both impressed me with their film knowledge as well as their level of dedication. We encounter alot of indie projects where the team involved are as square minded and closed as a black box on a downed aircraft. These guys were not. Matt the director explained quite a bit about the series, but most importantly the evolution. It was very clear that although they had a strong principal and direction they were not afraid to open their minds to suggestions, feedback and most importantly improve their craft.

The part that impressed me most was the fact that they were not afraid to admit that their first shows were not the hottest going in comparison to where they are now. Yet, they dont hide these episodes, they proudly show and share them to display the evolution of their craft. And you can clearly see that over the last near 40 episodes they have evolved, grown and turned into an indie operation that is worth noting and writing about. The Dead End days boys dropped hints of a feature film that is in the works. They have a few ideas on the go, and as Matt the director said, come hell or high water it is getting made this year. Their level of dedication is evident.

My feelings as I told Matt & Jay(the writer) is that big film studios need to stop focusing on 100million dollar pieces of crap like catwoman and instead take $250,000 dollars and give it to a worth indie group like the folks at Dead End Days. Let them do their first feature, they do it for peanuts, they get their moment of fame and the studios make a killing on a low budget film. Anyone remember Open Water, Fahrenheit 9/11? I sure hope this new trend starts to stick and we see more quality, and less BLOCK BUSTER cgi.

The Dead End Days crew are very aware of the internet, and most importantly of their fans. They were clearly pleased to have our air time, and we are equally pleased to give it to them. Their is a great tradition of only big names sell news. Well I am here to say its not about selling news, its about talking about good projects, and good people, and bringing the good stuff to the fans. The Dead End Days crew have both bases covered nicely.

I am not going to get to much more into specifics since then I am going to be stealing Jordan the Zombie Editors job. But I would like to say thanks to Brad Fox for taking the time to arrange all of this, and to the whole gang for sitting down and drinking some pints and doing a  fun informal interview, which is I think how it should be done.. Hopefully we can convince one of them to stop by the boards to share their thoughts on our night out.

So the interview went well, the guys were great, and even though we are all piss poor tippers apparently, and SCLUB7 came up one to many times it was still a good time. Look for much more on our site about these guys, they are worth the air time, and we will be giving it to them.

Jordans more meaty interview and discussion on their series will be appearing on the site in the next day or two.


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