Fall Down Dead New Horror Flick

Posted by: Michael

Dominique Swain and Udo Kier will join director Jon Keeyes for the new horror movie, FALL DOWN DEAD. The story focuses on Christie Wallace (Swain), a woman who becomes the target of The Picasso Killer (Kier); a serial killer who uses his victims as the canvas for his macabre art. Trapped in a building at night, Christie and six strangers will have to struggle for survival as The Picasso Killer hunts through the building for his ‘masterpiece.’

"It’s been several years since I directed a horror movie, so I’m very excited to return to the genre I love most," shares Keeyes. "This movie has everything I love about horror movies: quirky characters with great conflict, an original twist on the killer, very gruesome kills and the foundations for a lot of claustrophobic suspense. With ninety percent of the movie taking place during a citywide blackout, it will be fun to manipulate and play with both suspense and scares in limited lighting conditions."
Additional cast members include David Carradine as the building’s bumbling security guard Wade and Mehmet Gunsar as Stefan, a homicide detective who must protect Christie. Joining Keeyes’ creative team will be genre veterans including Director of Photography Richard Clabaugh (THE PROPHECY, PHANTOMS), FX Make-up Artists Dean and Starr Jones (TOOLBOX MURDERS, DAY OF THE DEAD remake) and Production Designer Eric Whitney (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE).


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