Bryan Singer Optimistic for Another Superman

Posted by: Jerrica
Since the moment Comic-Con got underway in San Diego, news has been pouring out from its doors. From "Snakes on a Plane" clips to the first "Star Trek XI" one-sheet and everything remotely fan-related in between has been hit upon, so it was only a matter of time before someone uttered the words "Superman" and "sequel" in the same sentence. And, that person was of course "Superman Returns" director Bryan Singer.

Singer announced that he has been talking to Warner Brothers about the possibility of directing a sequel to the fifth "Superman" film. "Superman Returns" is the first movie in 20 years to bring the adventures of World's Greatest Hero back to the silver screen. If Singer can persuade the studio to build upon this new chapter in the epic tales of the first comic book superhero, then we will not have to wait another two decades to see Superman return to theaters. Singer is hopeful that this very tentative sequel would be out in 2009.

"Superman Returns" stars Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth, and though it is still in theaters, it has been in release for almost a month now. This week, "Returns" slipped from #2 to #4 at the box office, taking in $18 million and making for a 40% decrease from the week before. Superman opened to the tune of $50 million and has grossed almost $250 million worldwide, having cost approximately $260 million to make. At this point, it's a narrow margin for such a grand effort.

The problem could very well be this; "Superman Returns" is exceptional in its ability to revisit and update the story of Superman on film, but it is also highly dependent on a heavy mix of past canon from previous movies, comics and even television shows, all having played to older generations of fans who come from primarily singular sources of the mythology. Now that a fresh foundation has been laid with "Superman Returns," a sequel might very well do better than this new installment simply because there is a recent basis for the plot from which story can be picked up and developed. No Superman fan will be left behind if Superman returns again.


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