J.K Rowling Hints at the Death of Harry Potter.

Posted by: Shawn
It is still unclear what lies in store for Harry Potter and his friends within the pages of the upcoming 7th book in the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. The author is still in the middle of writing the next novel and nothing is currently carved in stone. However, during a recent interview, Rowling did reveal that she expects that two major characters will die. She also claimed that she had written the final chapter of book 7 long before the first book was ever published.
"The final chapter is hidden away, although it's now changed very slightly. One character got a reprieve. But I have to say two die that I didn't intend to die," she said. "A price has to be paid. We are dealing with pure evil here. They don't target extras do they? They go for the main characters. Well, I do."
Does this mean that Harry is on the hit list? Rowling has been careful not to confirm this possibility in fear of the mounds of hatemail she would be sure to recieve. She did leave the thought open-ended however and could end up going either way.
"I have never been tempted to kill him off before the final because I've always planned seven books, and I want to finish on seven books," she says. "I can completely understand, however, the mentality of an author who thinks, `Well, I'm gonna kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels. So it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character'."
The 5th chapter in the series "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix" is due in theaters on July 13th 2007.


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