Tom Green Rides High on the Web Waves

Posted by: Jerrica

Having moved from television to film and now to the internet, Tom Green has found a new avenue for his outrageous antics. The actor had his own series on MTV, "The Tom Green Show," starred in the movie "Freddy Got Fingered" and made an appearance in his former wife's (Drew Barrymore's) girl power flick, "Charlie's Angels." Now, Tom Green has discovered the awesome power of the World Wide Web.

From being on the air, Green went to being on the web, getting his own hour on It's a call-in show broadcast live from Green's home in the Hollywood Hills. The show is supposed to run weekly but it has become so popular and consuming for that it has begun to take up every night of the week with mostly new footage and a few reruns.

CNN quoted spokesman Jason Damata on ManiaTV’s feeling about the show and the Godzilla-like life of its own that it has taken on: "So he's, like, hijacking our network, which we're cool with," Damata said. "But we said, 'Do us a favor. Can we at least have some structure?'"

In July, the Denver-based site projects an approximate 5 million visitors since there are apparently strong numbers drawn there for Green’s show, and the show only debuted on June 15th. That first week, Green was live for a total of 8 1/2 hours, and has continuously asked to go on live at all hours.

This is a great example of the amazing phenomenon that is sweeping across the web right now with sites like, and other places where people can watch video blogs and webcasts for leisurely fun they used to be able to find only on TV. It’s an interesting shift in the multimedia entertainment world, and Tom Green is the latest to join the revolution.


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