Ghosts of Mars Movie Photos Added!

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Ghosts of Mars is a classic movie, and one that I enjoy watching over and over and over. It is sci-fi horror at its best. A hot looking leading actress, a talented crew of actors, some nice gore, and some good special effects.

Set in the year 2025, humans have moved to Mars. The police forces are interestingly enough ruled by a matron society where WOMEN are the ones in charge. An interesting concept that they dont overdo.

They have organized a division of labor on Mars and they are mining the planet for natural resources.  However, when one mining team digs up a long-buried pod full of aliens, and the bodies of the human workers are instantly inhabited by the strange beings, a war ignites. 


What first seems to be a battle against crime for justice suddenly turns into a human battle for survival against the haunting alien force. Below are pics taken from the photo gallery. For more and better quality pics go to the movie section for Ghosts of Mars below.


If you are a fan of sci fi horror this movie is for you. It is basically zombies on mars, with some great effects, great action and some excellent acting. I cant think of any downfalls for this movie. It is by far one of my favorite Carpenter films. This movie is another example of a film that BOMBED in the box office but kicks ass.

Check out all of them in our Ghosts of Mars Gallery.


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