Ludacris Autographed Poster Winner!

Posted by: Michael

It is time to pick the winner of our super sweet autographed Heart of the Game poster signed by none other then Ludacris. Great prize, we know. Thanks to the studio that put this contest together for  us. When Seattle filmmaker Ward Serrill met Bill Resler, a college tax professor who moonlights as a girls’ basketball coach, he didn’t realize that he was about to embark on an incredible seven-year journey.

Serrill, camera in hand, followed Resler – who looks more like Santa Claus in Birkenstocks than a whistle-blasting high school coach – into the Roosevelt High School gym and soon discovered a group of girls whose unbridled toughness, passion and energy he came to call THE HEART OF THE GAME. Then, one day, onto the Roughriders’ court (and into the film) walked Darnellia Russell – a tough, innercity girl whose off-court struggles would eventually threaten to crash the star athlete’s plans to play college ball and be the first person in her family to get a college education.

At the center of THE HEART OF THE GAME is Darnellia’s unforgettable true story – the loss of her eligibility and her legal battle to get back on court to play the game that means everything to her. With Coach Resler, her team and her family standing by her side, she takes on enormous personal obstacles as well as the ruling body of high school sports in Washington State. The winner of this contest is Brittany Bird. Congrats the studio will be sending you your signed Ludacris poster. Be sure and always check out contest page regularly as we launch new contests all the time!


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