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Los Angeles, CA --    VLAD, the feature film directorial debut of writer-producer Michael D. Sellers, produced by Tony Shawkat, will open theatrically in New York and Los Angeles September 10, 2004, with a DVD release slated for later in the Fall.

S & S Releasing and Quantum Entertainment are overseeing the release of the film, with Terra Entertainment handling DVD distribution. VLAD recently took the honors for Best Picture (Jury Award) at the Fort Myers Film Festival.

The ensemble cast includes Billy Zane (Titanic), Brad Dourif (The Lord of the Rings; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), Francesco Quinn (Platoon; Fox TV’s 24), Kam Heskin (Planet of the Apes; Catch Me If You Can), Paul Popowich (Beverly Hills 90210; Children of the Corn) and Nicholas Irons (The Madness of King George) alongside acclaimed Romanian actors Monica Davidescu and Emil Hostine. Dina Burke, Nick Mandracken, William J. Booker and Pamela Vlastas served as the film’s executive producers.

Shot on location in Romania in the Carpathian mountains and in and around Bucharest,

VLAD chronicles the supernatural adventures of four graduate students who embark on a quest to discover the original Dracula – Vlad Tepes Drakul. Their university mentor, Professor Adrian Craciun (Zane), finds himself navigating a slippery slope between hosting the students and somehow retrieving a mysterious artifact one of them is carrying – a 15th century medallion that brings on horrific visions to the wearer. For the professor and his colleague, Dean Hyman Radescu (Dourif), members of the Order Draconis, a secret society founded by Vlad II Drakul, the medallion is both potent link to the past and agent of destruction – should it fall into the wrong hands.

As the cadre sets off on a trek through the forest and mountains to a fortress built by Vlad, startling visions befall two of the students, both of whom have worn the medallion. Inexplicably, a young maiden pursued relentlessly by a fearsome knight in the vision seemingly walks out of the dream-world and materializes before the students in the modern-day forest. Disquieting though this may be, it pales beside what is to come the following night: the maiden’s menacing pursuer suddenly appears, wreaking such terror and bloodshed that it becomes clear he is none other than Vlad Drakul (Quinn).

 Laced with folklore of the Carpathians, and filmed among the castle ruins inhabited by the historical Vlad Drakul, VLAD was conceived as an exploration of the links between the original Vlad Tepes and the Dracula of popular mythology.

VLAD is the first in a series of films to be theatrically released by Quantum Entertainment, with the next, a true crime drama, set for release later this year.

 Whether or not one believes vampires ever existed, the blood-curdling fact is that in 15th Century Romania, Vlad The Impaler launched a reign of terror so horrific, literally skewering countless victims through the body and skull, that he is viewed by many as the source of the vampire 'myth.'

Now four foreign exchange students, at the behest of a Bucharest professor (Brad Dourif), dare to enter the draconian heart of Vlad Drakul's dark past.  Suspected by their Romanian guide (Billy Zane), one of the students secretly possesses the rumored necklace buried in Vlad's tomb, an evil so powerful it can transcend time and space.

Warning to all:  Sometimes it's best to let sleeping wolves lie, or discover, too late ... there are things worse than death.

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