Terry Gilliam to Direct Harry Potter 6?

Posted by: Shawn
Apparently at some point last September, Entertainment Weekly did an interview with director Terry Gilliam over a meeting he had with Warner Bros.  The execs were possibly interested in what he could offer as a director in regards to the Harry Potter series, and dispite his best efforts Gilliam actually became very keen on the idea.
"The terrible thing about it was during the course of the meeting, I started getting enthusiastic - I was even getting myself excited. I remember leaving the meeting, getting in my car and driving for about two hours along Mulholland Drive just so angry I'd allowed myself to get excited about it."
Recently the rumor is growing that Warner Bros has picked Gilliam as an almost-for-sure candidate for the director's chair for Harry Potter 6.
Terry Gilliam is a director with quite a flair for magical adventures, oddball characters, and dark comedy. As the Harry Potter series gets closer to the end, Harry's adventures have gotten more dark and sinister. So to that end; I feel that Gilliam might actually be an excellent choice to handle "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". My only concern is that Gilliam has a tendency to go overboard with depicting his worlds as filthy and decrepit (though most of his films do take place in darker ages). While Harry's world can sometimes seem less advanced it is by no means falling apart. But with movies like "Time Bandits", "Adventures of Baron Muchausen", "Brothers Grim" and of course the Monty Python flicks, I can definitely see what Warner Bros might be after.


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