Goal! Movie Photos and Online Game

Posted by: MacReady
Click for Gallery !"Goal! The Dream Begins" has its premiere today at the Tribeca Film Festival and to celebrate this event the studio sent us 7 images for your viewing pleasure. But not only can you take a look at the movie photos, you also get the chance to play the online game in which you have to "Penalty Kick"your way to the topscore.
To play the game just click right here and to view all images just click the image to the right or visit our Goal! Gallery. And don't forget to watch the Trailer. "Goal! The Dream Begins" comes to cinemas May 12th.
How far would you go to live your dream? When Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) is given the chance of a lifetime, he must leave his family, his life in Los Angeles and everything that he knows to travel halfway around the globe to England and into a completely foreign world -- the exciting, fast-paced and glamorous world of international soccer. As an underprivileged Mexican-American immigrant growing up in the poor section of Los Angeles, Santiago seemed destined to follow his father's path in life: laboring at menial jobs to earn just enough money to support his family.
Naturally gifted, his amazing talent on the soccer field was wasted in recreation league games while he could only dream of playing on the world stage of professional soccer. But when a British scout (Stephen Dillane) discovers his talent and gets him a tryout with one of England's premier soccer clubs, Newcastle United, Santiago must choose between his father's fate and his own destiny. Now alone in a world where soccer is a religion and players are gods, this underdog must prove that he's got the talent and determination to make it amongst the best in the world.


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