Exclusive Forest of the Damned DVD Artwork

Posted by: Michael
We have your exclusive first look at the dvd artwork for Forest of the Damned, here in North America its going under the title Demonic. The great Tom Savini (of George Romeros Dead trilogy fame) is staring in a new indie horror flick called "Forest of the Damned" !
The story follows a group of teenagers who are on summer vacation. As they are driving through the Miranda forest they accidentally (of course!) run over and kill a young girl. With their car out of commision and no cell phone reception they are stuck to wandering the woods.  They soon come across the cabin of Stephen (Tom Savini). Stephen is a lonely hermit who has spent most of his life holed up in his cabin in the woods after witnessing his parents brutal murders by the strange 'nymph' creatures whom inhabit the forest. These nymps were actually angels from heaven who were expelled once they began to experience human emotions such as lust, desire, hatred and the like. Stephen, bored with his lonesome life, uses the kids as bait for the nymph's dirty work. ( Forest of the Damned Review  )


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