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There are four interesting Asian DVD releases coming up. The first film is Shikoku which stars Chiaki Kuriyama. The story goes that Sagori possesses spiritual powers which enable her to converse with the dead. After she dies at the age of sixteen, her mother attempts to bring her back from the dead. Sagori’s friends decide to investigate the history of Shikoku Island which is also known as The Kingdom of the Dead. Will Sagori’s friends be able to stop the awakening of Sagori from the dead? It is scheduled for release on October 26th.

The next film is Inugami, about a new schoolteacher in a small town who falls for a local girl and discovers that her family is afflicted by a deadly curse. January 4th, 2005 sees the debut of Toshiyuki Mizutani’s Isola, about a psychic young woman who, while attempting to aid the survivors of an earthquake, encounters a girl with 13 personalities—including one that’s evil and destructive. The latter DVD also features cast interviews.

ADV Films has announced that it will bring the South Korean film Yesterday to U.S. DVD September 28th. A mix of horror, sci-fi and police action, Jeon Yun-su’s film is set in a unified Korea of the year 2020, when the serial murders of scientists lead an investigative team to discover the sinister conspiracy behind them. The movie will be accompanied on disc by a making-of, interviews with the cast and crew, "movie highlights" and the original Korean trailer.

No need to write those dates down because now we have our handy dandy calendar. I have added all those dates on to it so if you are ever in doubt about a movie or DVD release check there. 

Source: Fangoria


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