New Movie The Legend of Simon Conjurer

Posted by: Michael

On April 28th, Oscar winner Jon Voight will don a fat suit to play a bizarre, 400-pound British psychiatrist in the indie action-thriller 'The Legend of Simon Conjurer". When I first heard of the film it didn't quite get to me, until when I saw the trailer for the film. It knocked my socks off.....a wild, psychotic and fun ride.

In the film, Dr. Crayzx (Jon Voight), a chocoholic pop-psychology author and religious scholar joins a group of dysfunctional people including an alcoholic, a schizophrenic, an overeater, an anorexic, a drug addict, and a man with anger issues.Led by the mysterious teacher Simon Conjurer, they are guided on a journey of self discovery, until their paths mysteriously cross a bizarre murder plot that they all must solve. You can check out the official website here.


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