Connery Making Another Film?

Posted by: Shawn
Earlier in the week we reported that Sean Connery had announced that he would be retiring from acting. ( Sean Connery Retiring ) It was not a rumor or misquote. Connery really said that. However the 76 year old actor has been in contact with author Ken McClure to discuss bringing his book 'The Gulf Conspiracy' to the big screen. The novel is about a vaccine that becomes contaminated but that knowledge is classified as top secret. Twelve years later veterans begin to die of a Gulf War Syndrome.
Connery is not expected to act in the film given his decision to retire from that field. More than likely he will play a behind the scene role such as a producer. He's had some experience with that position already, having been a producer on "LXG" and "Entrapment" to name a few. Ken McClure was quite surprised to hear from Connery, as I suspect anyone would. "He phoned Vince and me separately. I was out and it was an odd message to come home to on my message machine. You think instantly that it is your son having laugh," said the Author.  Sean Connery said that one of his plans during retirement was to do some reading. I guess this is what he meant.


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