Bean 2 Director Announced

Posted by: Shawn
Steve Bendelack is set to direct the next Mr. Bean film starring one of my personal favorite british stars Rowan Atkinson. While I always prefered his BlackAdder series, Mr. Bean is one of the most famous television experiences from the BBC. The first Mr. Bean movie was, in my opinion, just a little too much Bean than I could stand, it was highly succesful and therefore is getting its sequel.

Bendelack is already familiar with taking a television show idea and bringing it to the screen. Last year he directed "The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse".

Mr. Bean is pretty much a walking disaster of a man. Everywhere he goes something is sure to go wrong through his ineptitude. Normally his actions are often sweet and innocent, but it's that sly deviousness that peeks through that makes him more than just a human version of Curious George. In Bean 2, Mr. Bean will travel to the South of France on vacation, where chaos is sure to follow. Look for the movie in 2007.


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