BloodRayne Movie Coming Packaged with The Game

Posted by: Shawn

German Director Uwe Boll has this incredible talent of turning any film based on a video game into a complete waste of movie-goers' (and gamers) time. Anyone who has seen Bloodrayne, House of the Dead, or Alone in the Dark will know what I'm talking about. It's a wonder why game companies continue to entrust him with their titles. Well in an obvious effort to make back the huge revenue lost during the release of "Bloodrayne" ($17 million to make but grossed only $2.4 Million domestically) the DVD release of "Bloodrayne" on May 23rd will come prepackaged with the Majesco Entertainment game "Bloodrayne 2" for the PC. Anyone who wants the game might as well get the DVD as well, as pricing will be in your favor. The DVD two-pack will be selling for about $20 while the game by itself still has a retail price of $30.

How's that for a cry of "Please buy my movie! I @#$#$ video games because I love them! Don't judge me!"?Uwe Boll's next debacle will surely be "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale". Want to know just how idiotic this movie is? Well they got Matthew Lillard playing a Duke. Sure I liked Lillard in "Scream" and his Shaggy is spot-on, but this is like casting Marlon Wayans in the Dungeons and Dragons movie all over again.

Boll has also recieved the rights for "Postal" and "Farcry" and will more than likely be destroying those too in the near future.


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