Freddy vs Jason 2 : Michael Myers Joins the Fray

Posted by: Michael
A long time ago we told you about Freddy vs Jason 2 and alot of people said we didnt know what we are talking about. We stood by our source at the studio. Anyrate Pitofhorror talked to Robert Englund who tells us that Michael Myers is potentially in line to be in Freddy vs Jason 2.
Well, I also have to ask about the rumored Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Michael Myers. Anything going on with that?
Well, there are so many rumors, but I know for a fact there have been talks with John Carpenter. I’d love to sit down with Jamie Lee and Jeff Katz and bang out a story. My idea would of course have to take place before Jamie Lee is killed in Halloween 8. Almost as if Freddy Vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers happened in the nineties or something. Kind of like Alien 2 goes to Springwood or something, bring back Jamie Lee’s daughter (Jamie Lloyd) and maybe she could have some sort of goth expertise that would make it to where these guys couldn’t stand a chance. I’d love to give Jamie Lee something to sink her teeth into as an actress. Throw away the pills, throw away the cigarettes, throw away the little bottles of Vodka…
I am gonna be honest. I could care less for Freddy vs Jason 2.... its just a bit to lame for my liking. You can read the entire interview right here


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