Comic Strips the new Hollywood idea pool?

Posted by: Shawn
It’s pretty clear that Hollywood has run out of ideas and is making mad grabs for anything that has marketing value. They have been doing this for quite some time now so this shouldn’t be big news.  Everything from books, comic books, and videogames. Hollywood has even gone as far as remaking films. Now I’m not going to lie to you; I have found quite a few of these movies entertaining at least.  A lot of people were saying “They can’t restart the Batman series from the beginningâ€? but given what Shumacher did to the last two movies, how can you blame them?
Now they are borrowing ideas from Comic Strips. Granted they have been doing it for years. Annie, Dick Tracy, Dennis the Menace. But now it seems as if they think they have struck gold or something and everyone is scrambling through the Sunday Funnies looking for the next big feature film. But is it really worth it?

Garfield lead the pack with it’s release in 2004. Besides the fact that Bill Murray is almost a spot on match for the late Lorenzo Music (Who provided the voice of the orange tabby through every cartoon feature he ever appeared in), the movie was a waste of film.

Next up is Over the Hedge which hits screens this May. Originally set to star Jim Carrey (Now starring Bruce Willis), the film is based on the comic  strip of the same name by Michael Fry and T Lewis. I’ve been a fan of the comic strip for many years now, and based on the movie-trailers I’d say the apple has fallen a little far from the hedge…er tree. But for the sake of my love of animation, I will hold my tongue for now.
Recently the comic strip itself has even been making several stabs at it’s feature film version, making it hard to tell exactly how happy the authors were with the “creative� choices Dreamworks more than likely made for them.

So now what comes after? There is nothing confirmed yet but I’ve come across the following rumors.
“The Ghost Who Walksâ€? aka “The Phantomâ€? is in the works for another big screen attempt at reviving the pulp-adventure genre (I guess everyone is trying to cash in on the new Indiana Jones flick). Those of us older than 10 years of age may still remember the 1996 “The Phantomâ€? starring Billy Zane.  The plot will more than likely once again revolve around a costumed crime-fighter who fights evil in the jungles of Africa. Lee Falk created the comic strip in 1936.

Also rumored is â€?Crankshaftâ€? by Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers, about a cranky bus driver, and “Get Fuzzyâ€? by Darby Conley (Kirk Wise rumored to direct), about a pet owner who has to put up with  the antics of his pet dog and cat (sound familiar? Well actually the strip is pretty good). 

Let’s just hope that  some producer doesn’t come across a child actor with a huge bald head and envision a CGI white beagle next to him.


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