LovelyBy Surprise, The Neverything Shorts

Posted by: Michael

From Lincoln Mercury comes not one, but two series of quirky, interconnected short films debuting simultaneously on two sites. The five-week Web series brings together stars from Oscar-winning movies and hit television series, including "Grey's Anatomy," "A Beautiful Mind," "Amistad" and "Walk the Line." Written and directed by Kirt Gunn, they tell the story of an author whose fiction overtakes her real life. The two sides of the story (the fictional and the real) are presented on two separate Web sites -- one by Lincoln, the other by Mercury.

The narratives presented in and preview the upcoming yet-to-be-named full-length feature film, written and directed by Kirt Gunn.  In Lincoln Zephyr's "," an author who is experiencing a bout of writer's block turns to her mentor and former flame for advice. As the story progresses each week, viewers discover more about the conflict clouding her creative process.

Mercury Milan's "" introduces a series of offbeat vignettes with an independent film sensibility. Two quirky brothers lead a carefree, child-like existence in their unconventional world: a houseboat in the middle of an empty field. They know nothing about the outside world. As the story unfolds, viewers learn that one brother is drawn to discover more of what the world has to offer. Check out www.LovelyBySurprise.comand www.TheNeverything.comfor more!


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