Friday The 13th - Ultimate DVD Boxed Set:

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Well I've got some absolutely HUGE news for all of you Jason/Friday The 13th fans out there.  Those great folks at Paramount have finally decided to release what might just be the greatest boxed set of all time.  The set is called Friday the 13th - "From Crystal Lake to Manhattan" and includes eight full length movies.  Yes, you heard me right, EIGHT full length movies!  From Friday The 13th I all the way to VIII.  The set itself includes 5 discs of which 4 are strictly the films (there will be 2 movies per disc).


The 5th disc is devoted to all the special features, which include:

  • A feature-length documentary 'The Friday The 13th Chronicles' covering the history of the franchise.
  • A 'Where Are They Now'-type documentary on many of the 'victims' of the series.
  • A whackload of trailers
  • Numerous picutres of props, cast members, behind the scenes goodies.
  • Deleted scenes
  • And much much more!


Reportedly there will be audio commentary on episodes III, IV, VI and VII.  Keep in mind, however, that this information is niether confirmed nor denied so that may change (I can't see why they wouldn't include commentary for all the movies).

One of the best things that I have heard about this set is that several of the features star the Master of the Macabre (as I like to call him): Tom Savini!  Tom is featured in 'The Friday The 13th Chronicles' (of which there are 8-parts) and also a little segment called 'Secrets Galore: Behind The Gore' which will include a ton of never before seen stuff from Tom's secret vault!

All in all I must say that this looks to blow every other boxed set out there completely out of the water!  It is basically every Jason/Friday The 13th fans dream come true.  I, myself, have actually never seen any of the Friday The 13th movies.  Yes, I havn't seen a SINGLE one!  However, with news of this boxed set coming out I may just have to shell out the dough so that I can own what looks to be one behemoth of a boxed set!


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