Ichi-1 picked up by Unearthed Films

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Ichi-1 is the prequel to the wildly popular Ichi the Killer. A great film by Takashi Miike. This time though Masato Tanno will direct the film Ichi-1 stars Nao Omori, of course, as Ichi from Ichi the Killer and Teah as Mr. Dai, star of Takashi Miike's City of Lost Souls.

The Ichi-1 DVD will have an interview with Takashi Miike and director Masato Tanno and anything else they can dredge from the depths of Japanese coolness. Sounds cool to me. I would like to see more background on the character Ichi. See what made him so crazy besides the constant abuse. Somethiing else had to have pushed him much more than just some verbal abuse.  


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