Demi Moore's Half Light Movie Trailer

Posted by: Michael
I had no idea Demi was working on this movie much less had it done and had a trailer but thanks to UPI we have your first look at it. Successful mystery novelist Rachel Carlson (Demi Moore) is devastated when her beloved seven year-old son Thomas (Beans Balawi) drowns at her Primrose Hill house. A year later, despite a record advance for her next novel, she is still too distraught to write. Her marriage to Brian (Henry Ian Cusick), an editor and struggling novelist, has also disintegrated, and her best friend, Sharon (Kate Isitt), arranges for her to rent a secluded cottage in the tiny and remote village of Ingonish Cove in the Scottish Highlands.
As Rachel adapts to life in the charming village, she slowly develops a relationship with Angus McCulloch (Hans Matheson), the handsome lighthouse keeper who lives and works on the deserted island off her coast. However, just as Rachel begins to feel restored, she begins to receive haunting messages from her dead son, warning her of danger. Unsure whether the messages are real or whether she¹s losing her mind, Rachel is plunged into a world of madness, murder and the supernatural.


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